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  • Snapshots, (+ VAT)
  • Chat, (+ VAT)
  • 128 Channels, (+ VAT)
  • Clients, (+ VAT)

How to buy in-app plugins.

Licence types

Wavetool Lite - 16 channels of audio, no plugin options (Want to upgrade? Contact

Wavetool Pro - 64 channels of audio with in-app plugin options

Wavetool Bundle - Includes Chat, Snapshot & 128 channel plugins

Wavetool Platinum Bundle - Includes all plugins

Plugin types

Snapshots - Automate your groups

Chat - Instant messaging between Wavetool, iOS and OS X remotes

128 Channels - Expand the audio inputs

Clients - Make up to 5 listening stations with different audio-mixes and input layouts.

Please note: If you are ordering on behalf of a company in the EU, enter the company's VAT number and the VAT charges will be removed